3rd-Party Ubuntu ROM on Khadas VIM TV Box

Ubuntu TV Box – Khadas VIM Here is the 3rd Party Linux Debian Ubuntu ROM Boot on SD Card, which is making a research on Ubuntu image built by Balbes150 and has been tested available on Khadas VIM,  we write a guidance to install the Ubuntu image on VIM and can be compared to the official which has released on forum.khadas.com (Ubuntu TV


Download the image to SD card

Download the the image and extract:

Insert a SD card into your PC, and run dd command to write the disk image into SD card:



  • Don’t forget to run sync command to make sure synchronize cached writes to SD card.
  • You can also install the image via using a Windows PC, refer here for details.
  • As the image released by Balbes150 haven’t built-in the bootloader yet, you still need to do one more step below.



Make the SD card bootable

Insert the TF card into your PC, and make sure the disk is unmounted:

Format the TF Card as Fat32:

Download the u-boot blob released for Khads VIM, and run dd to write it into the first sector of SD Card:

Eject the SD card:

Boot from the SD card on ubuntu TV Box

As Khadas VIM support many different types of boot disk(SD card, USB-Disk and onboard eMMC storage), so it’s needed to figure out one manually to boot up if there are more than two bootable media exist at the same time. Ways to boot from the bootable SD card you created aboved:

  • Erase the eMMC and Khadas VIM will boot from the SD card automately.
  • Force enter into MaskRom mode first, then Khadas VIM will try to boot from SD card.
  • Long press the Function button to boot from SD card.(Need upgrade to the latest ROM first)


  • Make sure that the SD card is a bootable card and writed with the right disk image aboved.
  • eMMC is the 1st boot disk for Khadas VIM, so if there are bootable ROM on eMMC, the hardware will boot from eMMC first.
  • Function button mode: the hardware will boot from eMMC first, then switch to load the image/ROM on SD card via software approach.

Done! You can now insert the SD card into your Khadas VIM and power up.
User: root
Password: 1234 (Will tip you to create a new one at the first booting)




Known issues:

  • There is not booting Logo displayed, so the monitor will always black until device boot into the desktop.


  • The ROM is installed on SD card
  • Must use Linux command line to install the ROM, and also many steps to done that.
  • It’s hard for newbies to try it! ubuntu TV Box