Ubuntu Media Box for Digital Signage

With the booming economic business, there are more and more requirements on digital signage industry. The selling price of digital signage are not too expensive to order any  more, seems it has reached to a more reasonable range.  More and more shopping mall and supermarkets would like to spend a lot of money on digital signage purchasing, as it can bring quite a lot of income on advertisement. And the software toady can be more easy and comfortable to manage the digital signage at the same time on the background operations. For technology of digital signage, which includes LED, LCD and projections to display contents.If you are looking for a hardware to run the Content Management System (CMS) on a Linux Ubuntu Media box for digital signage project development, here I recommend this open source DIY box-Khadas VIM with the below reasons:


Ubuntu Media Box for Digital Signage:

Check the PCBA:


about hardware:

1. tiny size like a credit card
2. Built-in RTC: Support pre-timer on/off (Android testing method: Settings—>Timer)
3. Built-in power controller unit: Support power on/off via remote controller
4. Support cooling fan: check the topic first, if you needed, we can update you more details about cooling fan
5. Three user buttons: more easy for developers
6. Encryption Chips
7. GPIOs on board
8. USB Type-C slot with USB 2.0 OTG Support
9. PCB with 6 layers of PCB. Others usually use 4 layers PCB, SMD with ESD and Common Mode Choke
10. The VIN Port on PCBA, that can be used for outdoor Digital signage and powered by battery

about software:

1. open source code on Github.com/khadas/
2. all the necessary for further development on docs.khadas.com
3. community with technology support: forum.khadas.com
4. Multi-O/S: Android(pre-install) / LibreELEC / Ubuntu / Buildroot /, also support dual boot and select by the function key


Comparing to other kinds of ubuntu media box, we are not only in the price / PCB design advantageS of the hardware, but also the software with open source code and community for technology support. Using Khadas VIM amlogic S905x development board as the digital signage development platform, can save you quite a lot of time in developing. More and more digital signage requires 4K Video procesing, and Khadas VIM seems to be the most professional ubuntu media box on digital signage marketing.

In 2017 Spring we will have S912 Version and RK3399 Version Development board, Keep notice!