Ubuntu Mate ROM on Khadas VIM SoC S905X Development Board

Here Release Ubuntu Mate ROM V170220, check Firmware Page to download the ROM on Khadas VIM S905X Development Board

Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu Mate ROM Infos:

  • ROM version: Vim_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_V170220.7z
  • MD5SUM: 3b73c4d2b2f0352ba2209face183e1eb
  • The ROM is for eMMC installation
  • Account info:
    • Root user: root
    • Password: khadas
    • Admin user: khadas
    • Password: khadas
  • LED state:
    • Booting: heartbeat
    • Boot up: breathe
  • 24bit RGB color

Change log:

  • First release (based on Vim_Ubuntu-server-16.04_V170211)
  • Upgrade to latest ubuntu-16.04.2

Known issues

  • Mali 2D/3D hardware acceleration (still exist issue before release)
  • 32-bit RGB color still not supprted
  • SD card upgrade not supported

Upgrade guidance:


1) LED mode setup
EMMC mode:

or turn off mode:

More states:

2) HDMI Overscan

Tips: window_axis parameter valued as: left + bottom + right + top

  • left + right = 1919
  • bottom + top = 1079

3) Auto Login

Add following contents: