Install OpenELEC Amlogic S905X VIM

How to Install OpenELEC Amlogic S905X VIM?

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Install OpenELEC S905X VIM on a TF Card
Note: Current institutions can be applied for other OpenELEC branches, for example: LibreELEC and OSMC.



1> Download the Win32DiskImager tool and install it on your PC.


Prepare a booting card:

1> Insert your TF card into your PC. It should appear as a new drive letter.

2> Run ‘Win32DiskImager’

3> Select the image file and verify the destination drive letter is correct, then click ‘write’ button:

install openelec amlogic s905x

install openelec amlogic s905x


4> When it is finished you can safely remove the TF card by right clicking on the drive in windows explorer and selecting eject.




Boot from TF card:

There are many different ways to boot from a TF card on Vim:

1> Long press the ‘Function’ button to boot from TF card.

2> Press ‘Function’ and ‘Power’ buttons at the same time to erase all the data/ROM on EMMC.

3> Typing ‘store init 3’ on u-boot terminal to erase the EMMC.

4> Force enter into ‘MaskRom mode’ first, then boot from TF card.

Tips: you might need to upgrade to latest ROM first before you try 1st & 2nd ways.

Tips: Vim will try boot from TF card if there is no OS on onboard EMMC storage, so both methods 2 & 3 are erasing OS/ROM on EMMC first, then boot from a bootable TF card.


Have Fun!



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