Linux Debian Mini PC – Official Ubuntu ROM Boot on EMMC

Linux Debian Mini PC


Official Ubuntu ROM boot on EMMC

A few days ago, there is a guidance to install Balbes150’s Ubuntu image on Khadas VIM for Linux Debian Mini PC

  • The ROM is installed on SD card
  • Must use Linux command line to install the ROM, and also many steps to done that.
  • It’s hard for newbies to try it!

Here we rebuilt the ROM and move it to onboard eMMC storage this time: just one-stop upgrade operation.

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM, and here is some info:

  • Version: Vim_Ubuntu-16.04_V170102.7z
  • LXDE desktop enviroment
  • Rootfs is based on Balbes150’s ROM
  • Rebuilt U-Boot and Linux kernel to match Khadas VIM
  • Rebuilt to support eMMC upgrade
  • Account info:
    • User: root
    • Password: khadas
    • You can create your new admin user to suit your taste after booting

Known issues

  • Videos playback is not very smooth, and cannot play 4K videos (will upgrade it in future)
  • Need resize the rootfs partition manually by running resize2fs /dev/rootfs with root user

Upgrade guidance:

Step by step build instructions as following:


Our team are also building Ubuntu Mate, which is based on a more friendly Gnome desktop environment, and will release demo version soon. Here is the draft build from scratch instruction