Google Fuchsia Use Khadas VIM2 be the ARM64 Main Development Platform

Congratulations that Google Fuchsia Choose Khadas VIM2 !

It is really a very new event to our team. Not only for the profit of Google orders, but we are in the affirmative by this world class great company! What is Google Fuchsia? It is the third Operation System just after Android and Google Chrome. Once the Google Fuchsia finish developing, more developer around the world may know that Khadas Products. How Moving! That is not the end, we will keep cooperate with Google Inc. and offer the next Khadas Version product to Google to full with their ARM64 Main Platform, and it is Amlogic S905D2 . It will be released by Amlogic Office very soon in 2nd Quarter in 2018.

Our team, Khadas Team will focus more on high quality and better user experience. Your  affirmative will be our greatest motivation to move forward.

Khadas Tone Board

Khadas Tone Board for Hi-Res Audio Music Fanastic!