Smart Karaoke Media Box

Smart Karaoke Media Box

Developed by Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co., Ltd. (WesionTek)



Project Development:VOD Smart Karaoke Media Box

Time:August, 2016

Platform:VIM Amlogic S905X OTT Box(Specifications

Solution Company:WesionTek

Marketing:ODM orders from worldwide

Technology requirement:

Including industrial design, appearance design, inside construction structure, the shell and the whole manufactures
New Audio system setting and development, support:
– Multipath mixed singing and beautify the voice,

– Mixed singing design with the background music,

– Solve the problems of echo aftersound, abatement of noise and audio delay

Microphone receiver design and developing.
Support 4K HDMI Output, can be recording, can be shared, can be rewound, can be vocal accompaniment and scoring function. Our project can be developed for camera recording.
Software developing to match the APP by Client.

Amlogic S905X VIM as the platform of OTT box streaming media center, for Smart Karaoke android wireless entertainment system, it is the singing machine project development. It is also named voice box, google play music, music box, singing box, singing machine, smart karaoke machine for home entertainment. More of the accompaniment technology can be developed by Amlgoic S905X VIM. Certainly we need to cooperate with the ODM client’s resource, who can provide the local music source of APP for better work. Different country have different language and music resource.


As an OTT Box solutions company, there are many kinds of TV box around the worldwide market. TV functional box is only one part of OTT industry.

How to allow full play to OTT box?

OTT Box can be have the OTT box Sitting Room Market, as well as the advertising machine, mini projector, Route, digital frame, Medical Testing machines. What is more, OTT box can be set up a streaming media entertainment center, as a media box. Now, our company, WesionTek, are trying our best to continuous development and improve continually on OTT box industry for the Home Entertainment Media Center.

As well known, wifi display, which is an old product years ago, actually it is a function for screen. How to build a perfect media center, how to realize the transfer from OTT Box TV function to OTT box karaoke entertainment functions, it is our work today. Certainly, to the China market, most of the functions of karaoke can be pre-install the APK on the box.  but what about add more Two microphone receivers? we need to develop a new audio system and beautify the voice, it is our direction for hardworking.

Use the OTT Box to be your home entertainment center, set up a new social contacting way.

What we done to the OTT box development is not just add one more karaoke function on android tv box, but also a brand new social contacting way. Sitting at home, you can singing songs with your families, friends, classmates, colleagues, having the party time and concerts in the comfortable environment just like singing in the KTV Room. No limited to the time and money, as foods and drinks in KTV Room is expensive. Here, at your home, you can cook or buy the favorite foods and drinks for friends. and you can record your voice or video when singing and share them to your Facebook or twitter/YouTube, to meet some more new friends.

That is what the OTT Box for karaoke series, home entertainment media box will be done.

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