Upgrade Method — Khadas VIM Development Board

All methods to enter to upgrade Amlogic S905X VIM Development Board


1> Keys mode(U-boot is running):  VIM development board

— Power on Vim.

— Long press ‘Power’ key without release

— Short press ‘Reset’ key and release

— Count 2-3 seconds and release the ‘Power’ key to enter into upgrade mode


2> Serial mode(For developers):

— Connect Vim and PC with a USB-to-UART module, do the necessary setups.

— Power on the Vim, and hit any keys immediately to stop autoboot. This step will let Vim boot into u-boot mode.

— typing ‘run update’ on the terminal of u-boot as belowing:

# run update


3> Force mode(Maskrom mode):

— Power on Vim.

— Short-circuit the two pads of ‘M’ register which located on bottom side of Vim.

— Short press ‘Reset’ key and release it to enter into upgrade mode.


Have Fun on Upgrade Amlogic S905X VIM development board.

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