Amlogic S905X — Khadas VIM, Upgrade Method

Amlogic S905X VIM, Khadas

Product: Amlogic S905X VIM

Tips: Not a traditional TV box, but also a developing board with 4 kinds of operating system, they are android, linux ubuntu, OpenELEC and buildRoot. 16GB can be dual boot. have the function key or main menu to select the O/S.

Opensource Code on Github, click here to this upgrading


Upgrade introductions (USB-C Cable)


1> Download the tools and extract it, and run ‘setup_v2.0.8.exe’ to install the necessary tool for Vim upgrading: (ask us the link to download it)

amlogic s905x vim


Steps as following:

1> Open ‘USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.8.exe’, click ‘File—>Import image’ to chose the image for Vim.

2> Connect Vim and PC with an USB-C cable, and power on Vim.

3> Let Vim enter into upgrade mode to complete the upgrading:

— Long press ‘Power’ key without release

— Short press ‘Reset’ key and release

— Count 2-3 seconds and release the ‘Power’ key to enter into upgrade mode

4> Make sure your PC have found Vim device as upgrade mode, then click ‘Start’ button of the tool to start upgrading:


Tips: Click ‘Stop’ button first then close the tool to quit upgrading operation.


Have Fun!


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