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Write by CNX-Software on 2017-2-11, original page Khadas Vim is the only Amlogic S905X development board I’m aware of. There are 4 or 5 versions of the board, but currently only two models are sold: Khadas Vim with 8GB flash and single band WiFi + BLE 4.0, and Khadas VIM Pro with 16GB flash, and[…]

khadas diy box Brief Reviews to Khadas VIM Open Source Demo Board

Letzten Sommer habe ich geschrieben Shenzhen Tomato TVI demo board Angetrieben von Amlogic S905X Prozessor und zu der Zeit, open source demo board, in der sich das Unternehmen auf Geschäftskunden konzentriert hat, aber das Board wird nun als Chadas Vim über GearBest mit 2 GB RAM, 8 oder 16 GB Flash verkauft und der Preis[…]

Embedded 2016 Khadas VIM Amlogic S905X DIY Box Sale on

Embedded 2016 Khadas VIM DIY Box on sale! Gefeliciteerd! Embedded 2016 – Khadas VIM, Amlogic S905X DIY Box heeft pre-sale on geweest op 11-17, regelen de scheepvaart op 12-12,2016. Hartelijk dank voor de Bevordering van Gearbest, zeker zullen we onze grootste technologie-ondersteuning op Khadas VIM bieden. Laat alle klanten en gebruikers van Khadas VIM[…]

Khadas VIM Android Firmware Marshmallow Resource Herunterladen

Khadas VIM Android Firmware Marshmallow Resource Herunterladen von Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co., Ltd, die eine autorisierte OTT-Box-Lösungen Unternehmen von Rockchips und Amlogic Chips, mit Schwerpunkt auf die Re-Entwicklung von OTT-Box elektronischen Konsumgütern, einschließlich der traditionellen Set Top Box (STB ), Android-TV-Box. Von 2015, WestionTek mehr Aufmerksamkeit auf dem Open-Source-Markt und die Entwicklung der ersten Generation[…]

Specification of Amlogic S905X Chips

CPU Sub-system Quad core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU up to 2GHz (DVFS) ARMv8-A architecture with Neon and Crypto extensions 8-stage in-order full dual issue pipeline Unified system L2 cache Advanced TrustZone security system Application based traffic optimization using internal QoS-based switching fabrics 3D Graphics Processing Uni Penta-core ARM Mali-450 GPU up to 750MHz+ (DVFS) Dual Geometry[…]

Methods to Upgrade Amlogic S905X VIM

All methods to enter to upgrade Amlogic S905X VIM   1> Keys mode(U-boot is running): – Power on Vim. – Long press ‘Power’ key without release – Short press ‘Reset’ key and release – Count 2-3 seconds and release the ‘Power’ key to enter into upgrade mode   2> Serial mode(For developers): – Connect Vim and PC with[…]

Install OpenELEC Amlogic S905X VIM

How to Install OpenELEC Amlogic S905X VIM? Click here to our opensource code on Github to gain more details to install openELEC Amlogic S905X, Install OpenELEC S905X VIM on a TF Card Note: Current institutions can be applied for other OpenELEC branches, for example: LibreELEC and OSMC.   Preparations: 1> Download the Win32DiskImager tool[…]

Upgrade from USB Cable (Amlogic S905X VIM)

Amlogic S905X Upgrade Product: Amlogic S905X Upgrade – VIM Tips: Not a traditional TV box, but also a developing board with 4 kinds of operating system, they are android, linux ubuntu, OpenELEC and buildRoot. 16GB can be dual boot. have the function key or main menu to select the O/S. Opensource Code on Github, click here[…]


Intelligente Karaoke-Medienbox

Project: Smart Karaoke Media Box Developed by Shenzhen Wesion Technology CO.,LTD. (WesionTek) a professional OTT box solutions company OTT Box manufacturer and developer ODM orders of Wifi Smart Karaoke Media Box VOD Singing Machine Project Development. Projektentwicklung: VOD Smart Karaoke Media Box Zeit: August, 2016 Plattform: VIM Amlogic S905X OTT Box (Spezifikationen) Lösung Firma: WesionTek[…]